Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service free?
Yes, it is free while in Beta.
Will my tweets be published exactly at the scheduled time?
We will make a best effort to publish the tweet within 5 minutes of the time it was scheduled. They are several reasons why a tweet may be delayed ranging from the Twitter authorization that becomes invalid to the unavailability of the Twitter or of the ScheduleTweet service.
How many tweets am I allowed to schedule?
You can schedule up to 3 tweets every hour. In addition, you are subject to all Twitter imposed rate limits. If you have authorized multiple Twitter apps, the Twitter imposed rate limit is shared between all those apps.
What happens if my Twitter rate limit is reached?
When ScheduleTweet fails to publish a tweet because it is rate limited by twitter, we will retry up to 2 times after a delay of several minutes. If the Twitter still rejects the tweet on the 3rd attempt, the tweet is considered failed and there won't be any more retries. You can review the list of "failed" tweets on your Tweets page.
Can I cancel a scheduled tweet?
Yes, you can cancel a tweet you have scheduled until it is published. Just go to your Tweets page to destroy the tweet. After the tweet is published, you can only delete the tweet from Twitter.
What if I want to prevent all my scheduled tweets from being published?
You can unlink and remove the authorization for your Twitter account by choosing the "Unlink <account name>" option in the top right navbar menu. Once the authorization is removed, no tweet will be published.
Can I link multiple Twitter accounts to ScheduleTweet?
Yes, go to Account and Stats, finish registration if necessary and then use "Sign In with Twitter" to link another Twitter account to ScheduleTweet. After that, you will be able to select the sending Twitter user when scheduling tweets.
When I sign out of ScheduleTweet, do you keep my Twitter authorization?
Yes, we keep your Twitter authorization to be able to send the tweets you have scheduled. To delete the authorization, choose the "Unlink <account name>" option in the top right navbar menu.
Can I attach videos to my tweets?
No. You can only attach .png, .gif or .jpg with a size <1MB.
Do I need to sign up with my email address to schedule tweets?
No, you only need to sign in with Twitter to start scheduling tweets.
What extra features do I get after signing in with email address and password?
If you sign up with email address and password, you get access to the following extra features:
  • you can review your stats (number of scheduled/sent/failed tweets per hour, per day or per month
  • you can edit your profile
  • you get access to the REST API and the credentials you need to use it.
New features will be added regularly to make scheduling tweets even more powerful.
How do I create a Twitter story?
Easy: you simply schedule a first tweet and then reply to that tweet using the   icon in the tweet preview or in the "Manage your tweets" page.